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Exchange Programs

Primary School
In the primary school, bilingual experimental classes, international courses and the implementation of small class education, fine management mode can make sure every student get more attention and help. Besides special bilingual curriculum, the school offers a variety of elective courses as well as the piano, calligraphy, dance, crafts and all kinds of interesting activities to get comprehensive training of the students’ qualities and abilities. Canadian courses are given by foreign teachers in English teaching, ensuring the quality of the courses.


Junior High School

Our Junior High School has an international curriculum, small class teaching and excellent classroom management. In addition to special bilingual classes, we offer a variety of elective courses. These include public speaking and debate, calligraphy, dancing and several creative activities. These elective classes provide our students with interesting and engaging opportunities both socially and intellectually. Over and above these in-class activities, the school hosts winter and summer camp activities to develop and cultivate our students' international vision.


Senior High School

Our high school department implements dual enrollment and system management. After completion, students receive high school status in China as well as Canada. The Chinese Curriculum is compatible with Canadian credits, and the school also offers AP College and IELTS courses. The Canadian high school courses are taught by Canadian teachers, while the AP and IELTS courses are taught by trained professionals. After completing these courses, students receive a Chinese high school graduation certificate as well as a Canadian high school graduation certificate (issued by the Ministry of Education in New Brunswick, Ontario). Students who obtain this double degree certificate can apply for universities in China, Canada, or other English-speaking countries without exams or preparatory courses. Outstanding students are eligible to apply for university scholarships.