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Recite the classic, Search ancient Chinese Literature
Students wander in the classical Chinese culture
Recite the classic, Search ancient Chinese Literature.Our school has always been adhering to the "Chinese culture and English both" the education idea, paying attention to cultivating the students in the traditional Chinese culture and the influence of the growth of happiness. Each class carries out various forms of reciting Chinese, singing Chinese and Sinology,from June 23 to 26 was the final assessment activities of reading Chinese classics.

At the beginning of the activity,students are enthusiastic about reciting Chinese Classics,forming the atmosphere of competing with each other.In the process of the assessment,students from every class recite the classics in chorus and excitedly,even students of Grade One are able to recite fluently,leaving the judges much impressed.In individual draw back section, the students are so eager that everyone wants to show their memorized in the heart of the classical poetry, those who missed the recital were much regretful actually.


Students brave enough to recite the memorized classics

Our school was founded three years, we listened delightedly, seeing, feeling Chinese classics to bring joy and enlightenment to our students, let the Chinese classics Scholarly Campus drift and enlightening elegant lines, Chinese classics for children passing the etiquette, lifelong benefit.We still have a long way to go,we won’t ever stop the pursuing of Chinese Classics.We will stick to the idea of emphasizing on both Chinese and Western culture.